2 New Harley Pics!

Justin Murray for Jia Jem

Justin Murray for Jia Jem

Justin Murray is original concept artist of both Alt Harley and Alt Joker for Injustice.  When I completed my Harley costume that he designed, he had some extra ideas up his sleeve for a collaboration.  It’s kind of a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or Cool World vibe.  I think what makes it extra cool is that it’s like….. fan art drawn by the original artist!  Ok really, the hyenas were his idea and Joker is what I really wanted. ;)  Anyway, I added these photos to my Harley Gallery; check it out!

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New Costume :: Harley Quinn from Injustice: Gods Among Us

Jia Jem as Harley Quinn from Injustice

Dude I have a crap ton of progress pics for this costume, but here is the finished product!  It is based off of Justin Murray’s official concepts for the game.  They were taken downtown Chicago, in gritty alleyways that The Dark Knight was shot.  (Seriously, this shot above was taken 100 steps from where Batman flipped his car before Joker blew up the hospital —- rewatch the movie and look up Gene and Georgetti’s restaurant.  Bleh!)

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C2E2 Chicago, Injustice Release Party recap

Beaver Bounce
I knew this was going to be a good con when these were the first dudes I saw.  Totally worth posting the worst photo of me from the entire con, cuz Beaver Boys.  (I think I was trying to look disgusted by them…)  They told me there was shrimp and white wine.  They lied about the shrimp (unless by shrimp they meant chicago dogs) and neglected to tell me the 45 minute wait for the wine.  But DUDE.  These guys were in character the entire time, I don’t know where Dilly’s shoes went, I’m betting they were covered in pepto bismol.
 Mexico Represent
Myself with a group of cosplayers, who came all the way from Mexico just to go to C2E2!  I’ve actually met Nadya (Gambit) before, when I was a guest presenter and judge at in Guadalejara.  Totally didn’t expect that!
Ed Boon
Injustice: Gods Among Us had a panel.  That I missed.  Because I forgot my wallet at home and didn’t find out until we were literally one exit away from the con.  But I still captured the rare Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, like a pokemon but instead of trapping him in a ball I trapped him in this awkward photo.
It’s an improvement over this crap photo from earlier that week at the Injustice release party, where SOMEONE’S camera (ok mine) refused to focus, but hey, I’ll dress it up like a Purikura booth photo so it looks legit.  Boon-san is so kawaii!  The party was in Wrigleyville Chicago, probably the last place in Chicago I expected a high concentration/celebration of nerd anything.  Am I stereotyping?  Yes. (No?)
I also got to hang out more with Jeniffer, Harley’s 3D modeler. She’s one of (only) 11 girls who works at NetherRealm.  I got to talk to her about the tribulations of taking a concept art and translating the small wtf details to 3D reality, a conversation that we should have again because I forgot all the details between fangirling and Jack Daniels.
This was one of the most fun conventions I’ve been to in the past few years!  I was elated so many people recognized the Alt Harley Injustice, especially considering how new the game is.  Also shocked there weren’t any other Injustice cosplayers there, I mean what, the game’s been out a whole 2 weeks.  Get with it for ACen, Chicago cosplayers!  I will be there!

Injustice: Gods Among Us release day at NetherRealm Studios

This Tuesday, Injustice: Gods Among Us was released.  Also this Tuesday, I dressed up as Alt Harley from the game and got to run around NetherRealm Studios in Chicago – yes, the studio that brought the game to life!  (They’re also known for this one thing “Mortal Kombat”.)  When I saw the concept for Alt Harley, her Michael Jackson jacket and goth boots spoke to me.  The artist asked if I would like to visit the studio to debut my costume.  I think I speak for many cosplayers (okay, I will go ahead and say ALL cosplayers) when I say DREAM. COME. TRUE.  What cosplayer *wouldn’t* want to dress up and meet all the creators of the game, in the game studio, and get a tour and to run around and touch things!  That’s right peeps, nanny-nanny-boo-boo.  NANNY BOO BOO TO YOU.  I’m jealous of myself, actually.  Here are possibly the 2 most joyous hours of my cosplay life:

JiaJem NetherRealm Studios Injustice

Not really posing here, just swinging my arms in glee being surrounded by Midway era nostalgia.  Growing up around Chicago, Midway (now NetherRealm) was a pretty big deal; not like out in California where you trip over game studios.  This is Chicago’s nerd cred right here.  I’m standing in it.  They practically have a Mortal Kombat museum in the main hallway, featuring action figures, trading cards, comics, and movie props.  I can’t believe they just keep them on the shelves, with no glass, some one might take them!  SOMEONE NOT ME.  *caresses mint condition Sindel figurine* OH HOW DID THAT GET IN HARLEY’S POCKET.  Wait, what pocket?  Don’t you know cosplayers always sew hidden pockets?  (Mine has two.)

Cyrax Love

Pretending to kiss Cyrax, but I didn’t want him to mess up my lipstick.  I hate when dudes do that.  BTW, I *did* take close up photos of these masks and other props, including the insides of them, for cosplay/general prop making reference.  (These are from the movies!)  But that’s for a different blog post.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Concept Design Team
Okay, enough MK nostalgia.  Here’s what I’m here for – the Injustice: Gods Among Us team!  These are all of the concept artists.  They drew all the new character designs and all the backgrounds for the game.  In case you can’t tell, they’re only artists by day, and are superheroes by night.  The guy to my right (your left) is Justin Murray, who designed the Alt Harley that I’m dressed up as.  (The guy to his right, Hunter, designed her default outfit.)  I should stop there, or else I’m going to be listing every character with every artist, so I’ll just stick with the Harleys.

Jennifer and Jia

Here’s Jennifer from the 3D modeling department, she’s the gal that turned the concept into reality.  I was super psyched to meet her, after staring at her work while figuring Harley’s costume out.  I’m sure she knows it inside out, better than me… she was polite not to point out any discrepancies…. to my face….  Haha kidding, she wouldn’t do that!  She’s too nice – no wait, THERE ARE NONE.  IT IS FLAWLESS.  (Actually there are a few cut corners but I’ll let you figure it out.)

Harley Quinn, Injustice: Gods Among Us

Here I am playing with myself.  THREEWAY, AW YEAH.  Apparently this unoccupied desk belongs to a guy from QA who loves Harley, but left work earlier that day.  This will teach him to stay all day.  Also I should add I really liked his WWE controller skin.  We have something in common.  (CM Punk is from Chicago, but I’m glad Undertaker won 21-0.)

New Injustice Controller
Anyway, here’s a cooler, bigger Injustice controller!  I’m modeling it poorly, and this guy agrees. :/

Harley in Goro's Lair

This is the break room at NetherRealm.  How do they even get games done?  Maybe a solid month of playing vintage Midway arcades would get old after awhile; I’m up for that scientific experiment though.

Yum Treats
GTFO Green Lantern, seriously. (Actually, I should probably be kicking him…)

And here, pictured below, are some super secret concepts for Mortal Kombat 10, specifically Raiden. *Please note this is not the actual concept,  because I had to sign an NDA.  But I did my best to replicate what I saw.

MK10 Raiden Concept as recalled by Jia

 After running around the studio for the last hour of the work day, I went out to take some awesome Gotham City pictures in downtown Chicago!  (Hullo, where The Dark Knight was filmed, yusssss!)  I’ll get those up ASAP, but in the meantime here’s a preview with a boring background.  Some days it RAWKS to be a cosplayer!

Harley from Injustice: Gods Among Us

Photo by Kyle Johnsen

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New Costume :: Apple Bloom from My Little Pony

Apple Bloom
Finally, the end of the trilogy!  The third crusader from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Apple Bloom!  (Check out Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle here.)  Taken by the talented Justin Murray at the downtown Chicago petting zoo at Lincoln Park Zoo.  (Obviously a few months ago in the fall, I’m slow.)  Can’t wait to wear some of these at a convention – dang, I’m set for a whole weekend!

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New Costume :: Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony

Jia*Jem as Sweetie Belle from MLP:FiM

Sweetie Belle from MLP!  ^o^ I shot these photos on a lazy Sunday afternoon in my apartment – yup, that’s my boring bedroom featured here. As a cosplayer/NERD, I just wanted my apartment to be devoid of the nerdy nerd-dom it had always been growing up. That didn’t last long. My front room is an otaku explosion. It’s nice to have a room where your eyes can relax and not be bombarded with cosplay wigs and figurines and bookshelves of comics and manga. …only sometimes.

Anyway, I’d like to do a nice photoshoot of this costume sometime, but I just can’t think of any place in Chicago that would be fitting of this costume, especially now that it’s nearing Winter!  I wish I knew of some cute candy stores or ice cream shops to raid.  For photos.  And snacks.  Anyone know such a place?
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New Costume :: Scootaloo from My Little Pony

Jia*Jem as Scootaloo from MLP

Here’s the first of the three new costumes I’ve made from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Scootaloo!  Taken in downtown Chicago on a cold, windy afternoon.