New Costume :: Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony

Jia*Jem as Sweetie Belle from MLP:FiM

Sweetie Belle from MLP!  ^o^ I shot these photos on a lazy Sunday afternoon in my apartment – yup, that’s my boring bedroom featured here. As a cosplayer/NERD, I just wanted my apartment to be devoid of the nerdy nerd-dom it had always been growing up. That didn’t last long. My front room is an otaku explosion. It’s nice to have a room where your eyes can relax and not be bombarded with cosplay wigs and figurines and bookshelves of comics and manga. …only sometimes.

Anyway, I’d like to do a nice photoshoot of this costume sometime, but I just can’t think of any place in Chicago that would be fitting of this costume, especially now that it’s nearing Winter!  I wish I knew of some cute candy stores or ice cream shops to raid.  For photos.  And snacks.  Anyone know such a place?

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