C2E2 Chicago, Injustice Release Party recap

Beaver Bounce
I knew this was going to be a good con when these were the first dudes I saw.  Totally worth posting the worst photo of me from the entire con, cuz Beaver Boys.  (I think I was trying to look disgusted by them…)  They told me there was shrimp and white wine.  They lied about the shrimp (unless by shrimp they meant chicago dogs) and neglected to tell me the 45 minute wait for the wine.  But DUDE.  These guys were in character the entire time, I don’t know where Dilly’s shoes went, I’m betting they were covered in pepto bismol.
 Mexico Represent
Myself with a group of cosplayers, who came all the way from Mexico just to go to C2E2!  I’ve actually met Nadya (Gambit) before, when I was a guest presenter and judge at in Guadalejara.  Totally didn’t expect that!
Ed Boon
Injustice: Gods Among Us had a panel.  That I missed.  Because I forgot my wallet at home and didn’t find out until we were literally one exit away from the con.  But I still captured the rare Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, like a pokemon but instead of trapping him in a ball I trapped him in this awkward photo.
It’s an improvement over this crap photo from earlier that week at the Injustice release party, where SOMEONE’S camera (ok mine) refused to focus, but hey, I’ll dress it up like a Purikura booth photo so it looks legit.  Boon-san is so kawaii!  The party was in Wrigleyville Chicago, probably the last place in Chicago I expected a high concentration/celebration of nerd anything.  Am I stereotyping?  Yes. (No?)
I also got to hang out more with Jeniffer, Harley’s 3D modeler. She’s one of (only) 11 girls who works at NetherRealm.  I got to talk to her about the tribulations of taking a concept art and translating the small wtf details to 3D reality, a conversation that we should have again because I forgot all the details between fangirling and Jack Daniels.
This was one of the most fun conventions I’ve been to in the past few years!  I was elated so many people recognized the Alt Harley Injustice, especially considering how new the game is.  Also shocked there weren’t any other Injustice cosplayers there, I mean what, the game’s been out a whole 2 weeks.  Get with it for ACen, Chicago cosplayers!  I will be there!

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