Under Construction, yo.


Cosplayer / Fabricator / Nerd
WELP, after cosplaying for 14 years and having JiaJem.com up for a DECADE, it's time for the type of cosmetic makeover I can afford - a virtual one! See you soonish-esque-ly...

Hello, my name is Jia. :) I have been making costumes since 2003. I've always been artsy, but since cosplaying I've turned craftsy, too. I sew, sculpt, paint, style wigs - every costume I try to challenge myself a little more. I will be concentrating on progress photos and tutorials in the future - I want to give back to this lovely hobby all my years of learning and experience.

I have also put up my old Leeloo silicone suspenders tutorial for anyone who wants to make their own suspenders while I'm still working on the rest of the site. :) Happy crafting!